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Last but not least, dancing king, Jongup supports Go! B.A.P! Who’s ready for the concert tomorrow?!

B.A.P’s resident visual, Himchan telling you to support B.A.P and Mnet America!

Go! B.A.P presents another exclusive video from Youngjae! Make sure to watch Go! B.A.P coming soon on Mnet America!



B.A.P’s adorable maknae having a little trouble with his self-cam…



A brand new season and brand new episode of DFLA on Mnet America! Watch Danny & Dumbfoundead bring new laughs and new exclusive interviews with special guests, Teen Top!

Gp! B.A.P exclusive - Daehyun Cam! Daehyun croons to all the BABYz out there before hitting the stage! 

Go! B.A.P exclusive - Yongguk Cam! Yongguk tells all you BABYz to tune in to all the Go! B.A.P clips coming your way!

Take a look at B.A.P before they hit the airport for Dallas! Also, who’s ready to see them TONIGHT at the Verizon Theatre?! More B.A.P madness coming your way~


All good things come to an end on the finale of Alpha Girls. Blood, sweat and tears, Soojoo, Mina, Lanie and Toki conquered it all. Work Hard, Play Harder! 



And…we’re back! Mnet America proudly presents a brand new season of Danny from L.A. with hosts, Danny & Parker! And what better way to bring in the new season than with “High Kick” superstars, Teen Top! Check out our exclusive interview with Teen Top where they answered your questions and drew some “Picasso-esque” caricatures!